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Animals that bring bad luck and good luck - Myth or reality?

Animales buena suerte portada The first clue that your dog is frozen, although it seems obvious, is to check the temperature of the environment.

My cat fell off the balcony - high-rise syndrome in cats

Gato ventana mirando Why cats fall from high places? Our vets explain you the high-rise syndrome in cats and what to do

Why does my cat bite me when i pet him and he is purring?

Ara0 Before we start we want to make it clear that the normal thing is not that your cat attacks or bites you because he hates you, it has nothing to do with it.

How long can a cat go without urinating and how to help him?

Pispo Is your cat not peeing but acting normal? . The question is not how long a cat can go without urinating; it depends on his eating habits.

What breed is my cat? - Cat breed identifier online

Fotolia 150228884 subscription monthly m min There are about 70 officially recognized breeds of cats, within which there may be variations in color, hair length or fur pattern. In short, every cat is a world!

Cat wheezing when breathing, why my cat sounds congested?

Gato respiracion ruidosa min Cat wheezing while purring? Noisy breathing in cats is not common. Unlike dogs, it is rare for them to pant.

My cat is throwing up yellow liquid and won't eat or drink, why?

Vomitosgatosp Does your kitten vomits bile and does not eat? When we refer to bile, we are talking about an acid produced by the liver to help your furry to digest food.

Cat throwing up white foam and not eating - When to worry?

Vomitogatopor Cat throwing up white foam and lethargic for 3 days, when to worry? Vomiting in a cat is a sign that something is not right inside him.

Aggresive cats and new baby - Signs of a jealous cat

Logos posts2 Can cats suffocate babies? How is a cat behavior after new baby arrives? cats are very stressful animals, and any changes in the environment can generate very high levels of stress

My cat does not drink water or eat much, he only sleeps, why?

Gatos no come po How to force a cat to drink water? My cat is not drinking water or eating from her bowl, why?