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Find Out Your Pet's Ideal Weight

This post was originally published in our blog by Vincenzo de Ioanni Pet owners worry about how much food they should give to their cat or dog. But reality is that every individual has different nutritional needs.

Can I Walk My Cat On A Leash?

Many PetLovers would love to walk their cats, the same way many others walk their dogs. But... is that even possible? Yes. Some people walk their cats on a leash. However, it's very important to be careful and take some preventive measures.

5 Books for Cat Lovers

On April 23 we celebrate World Book Day. If you are a cat lover, of if you know one, you'd like the list of books we have prepared for you, so you will be able to better understand what your kitty thinks.

5 Pet Safety Tips For The 4th Of July

You are probably getting ready to celebrate 4th of July. Like any other year, barbecues and fireworks are on the menu. We assure you that your pets are not looking forward for the second plate.