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How to calm a cat's stomach? Use these home remedies

Tripitagato How to treat nausea in cats naturrally and settle a cat's upset stomach? In this article, we will talk about it

My cat keeps meowing a lot for no reason, why does he yowl?

Gatomaulla Why is my cat meowing non stop? Today we are going to explain to you the meaning of the meows of your furry

My cat suddenly loses balance when walking and falls, what can I do?

Atpor My cat is losing balace, what's wrong? If your cat is suddenly stumbling and disoriented, contact our online veterinarians

My cat stopped purring like usual, is he sick?

Rop Does your cat stopped purring when you got a new kitten or after surgery? If your cat won't purr, keepp on reading

What do cats think about their owners? Do they know we love them?

Fotolia 39968341 subscription monthly m Are cats capable of love? Are they with us just for the food? We have already commented that scientific studies show that cats have never been fully domesticated.

How to introduce a second cat when one is aggressive

Fotolia 202821923 subscription monthly m How to introduce a kitten to an older cat? Living with a cat is so fascinating that many of us think about introducing a new feline at home.

My indoor cat keeps sneezing but seems fine, what´s wrong?

Gatotos03 Looking for a cat sneezing runny nose home remedy? Cats can spend more than a week with sneezing and watery eyes if they catch a cold

My cat's breath smells like fish, rotten meat and even poop

Alien1 How is normal cat breath smell? If your cat breath smells like death it can be a symptom of a disease

My cat suddenly hates me and won´t come near me anymore

Amorgatunopor It is said that cats are wild and lonely animals, but those of us who live with them know that this is not true. They are very capable of giving love, affection, and companionship.

Risks of contraceptive pills for female cats

Gato pastilla How to make a cat infertile? Never using homemade birth control pills for cats!