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Aggresive cats and new baby - Signs of a jealous cat

Can cats suffocate babies? How is a cat behavior after new baby arrives? cats are very stressful animals, and any changes in the environment can generate very high levels of stress

Symptoms of a dying cat of old age, of kidney failure or from cancer

As his caregiver, you have to know the signs a cat is dying depending on their age, where he tends to do it, and the symptoms that he manifests when he is moribund.

My cat is losing hair on legs, belly and around neck - Home treatment

My cat is losing hair and weight around neck, on back near tail, on leghs, on head and on belly, what can I do? Is there any home treatment?

Christmas dangers for our pets - Winter hazards for pets

The Christmas star plant or Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) presents a danger for our pets, especially in the case of ingestion.

FIV in cats - Life expectancy, contagious, vaccine and fleas

FIV in cats is also called 'aids of the cats'. Our vets talks about how to prevent its contagious, if there is any vaccine and all you need to know about this disease

Vomiting in cats, when to worry?

Many times we believe, even though it’s wrong, that it is normal for cats to vomit frequently. However, the hairballs can be dangerous because they hide a multitude of problems and diseases of different natures.

My cat is not popping, what can I do?

Constipation in cats is a frequent problem if you do not take care of your pet's diet, the water he drinks, their fur, and their exercise habits. These four factors are essential for preventing your cat from spending days without defecating.

Tips For A Safe Christmas With Your Pet

Keep our pets safe during Christmas can be more complicated than it seems. Decorations, plants, gifts, Christmas lights, food... If you don't want to end up in the vet's emergency room, follow this tips for a safe Christmas with your pet.

How to Build a Catio

A catio is a patio for cats, usually connected to the house, that allows cats to enjoy the benefits of beeing outdoors, without any risks. Do you know how to build a catio?

What Is Catnip and Why Your Cat Loves It So Much

If you have a cat, you'd probably noticed that there are many cat toys with catnip. But, what is catnip and why your cat loves it so much?