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How to get rid of giardia in dogs - Detect and prevent giardiasis?

How to get rid of giarda in dogs? Is it contagious to humans? How long is giardia contagious in dogs? Our vets ask your questions

Symptoms of parvo in puppies; how do dogs get parvovirus?

Can a vaccinated dog get parvo? Where does parvo come from and which is the treatment? Our vets ask all your questions

My dog's eye is red, is watering and squinting, why?

Is your dog squinting and lethargic? As happens to humans, dogs can also get up with rheum in their eyes. Some races are especially prone to generate them. So far, so good.

My dog has a dry and crusted nose - Treatment and home remedy

A dog has to have a wet nose. A slightly wet truffle is a sign of health, that the dog is hydrated, and that he can use his olfactory abilities perfectly.

How to calm dogs with anxiety about food. What should I do?

Food anxiety in dogs is a problem you need to know how to solve. Our vets explain you how to do it

Dog alzheimer's symptoms and dementia - Life expectancy stages

Does my dog have dementia or alzheimer? Dogs older than 15 years are prone to suffer it, even before

Differences between a cocker and a springer spaniel as family pet

Which is best as your family pet? The cocker and the springer are two very similar dog breeds and that can sometimes be confused

How do dogs get rabies? How long can a dog live with rabies?

Can a vaccinated dog get rabies? Rabies is one of the deadly diseases in dogs that have no cure, only methods to prevent its spread.

My dog has dandruff and itchy skin, what do I do?

What does dandruff look like? Are there any home remedies? Generally, dandruff in dogs can be the consequence of bad hygiene

Canine distemper: symptoms, transmission, shot and causes

Can a dog recover from distemper? How long can a dog live with distemper? This is one of the most serious diseases in dogs.