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Liver problems in older dogs - Life expectancy, treatment, and diet

Liver problems in older dogs are more common than we can believe. In this phase of his life, everything he has eaten, how he has lived, his resistance, and his health are put to the test.

How can i help my dog with allergies? How to treat them at home?

Are there any home remedies for dog skin allergies? First, you need to understand what causes it and reduce the exposure

My dog is suddenly scared of me and shaking, why?

Fear is a response that appears as the perception of a real or potential threat. It is a very common problem in our canine companions, which affects both their well-being and their daily lives, and also affects us.

Why do dogs stare and bark at nothing at night?

One possibility that our dog barks or growls at "nothing" is that there is something or someone that we cannot perceive but he can.

Can a dog lose its voice from barking too much? - Solution

There are several reasons why a dog may have aphonia. Some cruel people make surgery on their furry and remove the vocal cords so they can't bark, but in other cases, this aphonia is due only to a swollen throat due to laryngitis.

How to get my older dog to accept the new puppy. He hates him!

Is your older dog attacking the new puppy? Our vets explains you how to introduce him to the current dog

I can't keep my dog anymore, where can I take him? I need it ASAP

Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot take care of our dogs. Life gives us a 180º turn and we run out of resources to do so.

How to make dog clothes from scratch and out of a sweater

Do you want to know how to make dog clothes from socks or from a sweater? Read our DIY dog clothes guide to discover it

Cushing's disease in dogs - Complications, behavior and treatment

Can a dog die from cushing's disease? Is there a natural treatment? Cushing syndrome, also called simply Cushing, is a disease of hormonal nature that occurs in dogs

What does a dog do when he gets lost? How is his behavior?

Dog behavior after being lost at night -There is nothing more distressing for an owner than losing his dog