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Home remedies for dog hair loss and itching - The best treatment

My dog is losing hair and itching. Our vets explains you how to get a dog's hair to grow back with the best treatment and home remedies

How do you get rid of a cold for a dog and flu symptoms?

The canine constipation is very annoying; it makes him more tired, prevents him from doing as much physical exercise as he usually does, and even makes him eat less, because he finds it hard to appreciate the taste of the food.

How to cure a broken nail of a dog or his calcaneus spur

Don't use super glue for fixin a dog split nail. Our vets explains you how to do the removal and the recovery

What home remedy can I give my dog for coughing and cold?

We get many questions about universal syrups for cough in dogs, for example: can I give my dog cough medicine or home remedies?

my dog's nose is bleeding from sneezing and it is hard for him to breathe

Does your dog bleed through his nose when he sneezes? Does he do it only once in a while, do you think it can be a symptom of leishmaniasis? We tell you what are the most common causes of bleeding from a dog's nose and how to stop this nosebleed.

How to comfort a dog with a fever at home? Never with paracetamol!

How to tell if a dog has a fever without a thermometer? There are home remedies to reduce the fever of a dog only if it is light and only if it does not last more than a day

My dog is dog unable to concentrate urine and drinks a lot of water

If he piss a lot and it is transparent it may be diabetes or a kidney failure. Does he suddenly urinate a lot, drink a lot of water, and he never did that before?

What can I give my dog for diarrhea over the counter?

Can I give my dog Imodium or any medicine for diarrhea? How can I cure dog diarrhea fast? In today's article, we are going to answer these questions

Can a dog recover from distemper? - Vaccine, prevention and treatment

Today we are going to tell you everything related to the cure for distemper in dogs, what you have to do, why you have to go to a specialist, and how you have to take care of the dog in your home.

What causes constipation in dogs? - Dog constipation relief

Milk for dog constipation? Coconut oil? Constipation in dogs is usually common in small breeds and older dogs.