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Tips For A Safe Christmas With Your Pet

Keep our pets safe during Christmas can be more complicated than it seems. Decorations, plants, gifts, Christmas lights, food... If you don't want to end up in the vet's emergency room, follow this tips for a safe Christmas with your pet.

What Is Catnip and Why Your Cat Loves It So Much

If you have a cat, you'd probably noticed that there are many cat toys with catnip. But, what is catnip and why your cat loves it so much?

How to Build a Catio

A catio is a patio for cats, usually connected to the house, that allows cats to enjoy the benefits of beeing outdoors, without any risks. Do you know how to build a catio?

8 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Thanksgiving means friends, family, and feasts. But is also a time for possible distress for your pet. To have a happy celebration, if you have an animal companion, don't forget these thanksgiving safety tips for pet owners.

Noisy Breathing in Cats

Noisy breathing is cats is unusual. If your cat gasps for air, you should take him to the vet. He may have a breathing problem.

Halloween Costumes for Pets

With Halloween around the corner, pet owners look for the best costumes for pets. Get some tips and ideas for costumes for pets.

Pregnancy and Cats: Is There Really a Risk?

If your are pregnant and you have one or more cats at home, surely you've heard about the risk of being infected with Toxoplasmosis and other diseases. The most affected by those comments are cats, as many of them are given away for those reasons.

Cats Belong To The House, Not To The People

Maybe you heard this before. It basically means that dogs always follow their family, while cats sometimes prefer to stay in the house, even if the family moves away. But it's not that simple...

5 Tips To Save Money On Vet Care

If your pet is sick, you must go to the vet immediately. But remember that if you take care of him properly, he won't get sick very often. We just need to adopt some healthy habits!

5 Cleaning Products To Avoid If You Have A Pet

If you have a pet at home, you know home cleaning is especially important: hair everywhere, mud, some peepee in the carpet... However, not all cleaning products are safe for pets, nor we can clean their bed, their litterbox or toys the same way.