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Science Agrees: Your Dog is Like a Child to You

Many women say they love their dogs as much as their children. But is it true? A scientific study funded by the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Comparative Medicine claims that there is in fact a maternal bond between women and their dogs.

£500 Fines If You Don't Microchip Your Dog

From April 6, all dogs over 8 weeks in England, Wales and Scotland are legally required to have a microchip. Otherwise, owners face £500 fines. The purpose of this new law is to make it easier to reunite owners with their dogs.

6 Hidden Dangers For Pets At Home

We have lots of products and objects at home that can be very dangerous for our pets. Specially if you have a sneaky one in the family! To protect them, we just need common sense and take some precautions.

8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Summer

We spend the long winters wishing it was summer: good weather, fun activities, the beach, holidays... but our dog might not agree. These are some reasons why your dog doesn't like summer season.

5 Tips To Protect Your Dog From Heath Strokes

Dogs are much more sensitive to hot temperatures than we are. Unlike humans, they cannot easily regulate their body temperature, as they only have sweat glands in the footpads. The only way they can eliminate heat is by panting.

Colitis in dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

At Barkibu, we receive lots of consultations about digestive problems, especially diarrhea and vomiting. It is very common to talk about colitis in dogs when we talk about diarrhea, but there are not synonymous.

8 Toxic Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Some pet owners love to spoil their furry fiends with a little reward from the table. But there is actually a lot of "human food" that your dog should ever eat. It might be dangerous.

5 Tips To Save Money On Vet Care

If your pet is sick, you must go to the vet immediately. But remember that if you take care of him properly, he won't get sick very often. We just need to adopt some healthy habits!

5 Cleaning Products To Avoid If You Have A Pet

If you have a pet at home, you know home cleaning is especially important: hair everywhere, mud, some peepee in the carpet... However, not all cleaning products are safe for pets, nor we can clean their bed, their litterbox or toys the same way.

How to Store Your Pet's Food Properly

Most dogs and cats eat dry food. That your pet doesn't eat "fresh" food, doesn't mean that you don't need to be careful on how you store it.