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Tips For A Safe Christmas With Your Pet

Keep our pets safe during Christmas can be more complicated than it seems. Decorations, plants, gifts, Christmas lights, food... If you don't want to end up in the vet's emergency room, follow this tips for a safe Christmas with your pet.

Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog's Paws In Summer

With high temperatures, we need to be careful with heath strokes, but we should also protect our dog's paws. Your dog's paws are like "thickened skin", but they are also sensitive to wounds, cuts, blistering...

8 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Thanksgiving means friends, family, and feasts. But is also a time for possible distress for your pet. To have a happy celebration, if you have an animal companion, don't forget these thanksgiving safety tips for pet owners.

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween can be a fun time for both children and adults: scary costumes, trick-or-treat candy... But it can become a nightmare for your pet. If you have a pet at home, follow these halloween safety tips for pets.

5 Ways To Help Your Dog Relax

Your dog might be hyperactive or look stressed for many reasons. These are some general recommendations to help him relax in this situations.

6 Hidden Dangers For Pets At Home

We have lots of products and objects at home that can be very dangerous for our pets. Specially if you have a sneaky one in the family! To protect them, we just need common sense and take some precautions.

8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Summer

We spend the long winters wishing it was summer: good weather, fun activities, the beach, holidays... but our dog might not agree. These are some reasons why your dog doesn't like summer season.

5 Tips To Protect Your Dog From Heath Strokes

Dogs are much more sensitive to hot temperatures than we are. Unlike humans, they cannot easily regulate their body temperature, as they only have sweat glands in the footpads. The only way they can eliminate heat is by panting.

8 Toxic Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Some pet owners love to spoil their furry fiends with a little reward from the table. But there is actually a lot of "human food" that your dog should ever eat. It might be dangerous.

5 Tips To Save Money On Vet Care

If your pet is sick, you must go to the vet immediately. But remember that if you take care of him properly, he won't get sick very often. We just need to adopt some healthy habits!