What can I give my dog for gas pain? How to get rid of my dog´s gas

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How to massage gas out of a dog? Your dog has fetid gases? Does he have a lot of gases and can not eject them, which then accumulate and hurts his belly? Does he have symptoms of colic? The treatment for gases in dogs begins by discarding that the cause is of a disease or parasite infestation. Then it is essential to analyze the diet he has and his lifestyle. Finally, it is necessary to use natural remedies and exercises to help him expel them.

But the key to helping a dog eject the gases is to have a good feeding regulated by a dietician and exercise. We will also have to correct his eating habits and make a special effort if the dog is elderly, which very likely to have an excess of gases.

In this article, we will talk about all this, but what we recommend is that you leave a query to our online veterinarians indicating his life habits, feeding, race, age and weight. This way we will be able to give you a personal response.

How to massage gas out of dog

First, we need to know why a dog accumulates gases in the stomach. There are many reasons. The main thing is to rule out serious causes, which are two: gastric torsion and parasites. The torsion can be fatal within a few days. It occurs, at first, by dilation due to the gases that cause the stomach to twist. If it happens, your dog will not be able to swallow or expel anything, what ends up killing him.

If he has lots of gases, can’t expel them, looks crestfallen and suffering, and his belly is hard at the touch, it is best to go straight to the vet. Whenever we are talking about a problem with gases, before using any type of remedy, we have to dismiss this terrible disease.

Symptoms of gastric torsion in dogs

Gastric torsion usually occurs if your dog is a great food gobbler, eating at full speed and that makes exercises as soon as he finishes eating. This is an example of the significance of the rhythm of life to check for the presence of gases in the body. In the event that you suspect that it may be a gastric torsion, don't wait one more second at home. The only solution is an emergency intervention.

The presence of parasites also makes a lot of damage, but it is not something serious. There are also no home remedies to eliminate them, you will have to go to the specialist to deworm your friend and leave him ready to live a healthy life, with exercise and good nutrition.

What can I give my dog for gas pain?

You will know that your doggie is suffering a lot from the gases in his stomach because he will be sad, will not do anything. He will not eat and spend the day laying down and uncomfortable. He will have the belly more swollen than normal and will be huffing. Then, it will be the time to act. The main reason why your dog has gases is related to what he eats.

A cheap meal does not usually count as food that is well digested. This problem is also prevalent among those who abuse natural recipes cooked at home without the assistance of our canine dieticians. There are many products of the human diet that cause gases because they do not process well its components. So the first thing we have to do is to ensure a quality feeding adapted to their age.

What can you give a dog who has gas?

This is important in puppies and for older dogs. The senior furry are prone to gases that are hard to expel, suffering a lot for it. If you have any questions about what to give for him to eat so to avoid colic, make your query to our online veterinarians.

My DOG STOMACH is making NOISES and GROWS loudly

If your dog's guts make lot of very strong noises, if he has diarrhea, he does not want to eat or the bowel sounds are very strong, we tell you what to do in the next video. In Barkibu we have online veterinarians which are specialists in nutrition.

Treatment for the gases of a dog

In addition to changing his diet, employ a trough with obstacles and don't rush him for meals. Let him do it little by little and that he gets entertained with the challenges this new container proposes. This will prevent him from swallowing air. After it rested and digested the food, go for a walk. The long walks facilitate bowel movements, so if he is an active dog he will be able to expel them more easily.

You have to integrate these ideas into his daily routine to get the gases to be expelled: a good meal, many walks and adapted feeders. This exercise is also perfect for countering another cause of gases: the anxiety. In addition to these two advices, chamomile is always very effective to pamper and recover your dog's stomach, and not only for conjunctivitis. Leave all your questions to our online veterinarians.