What do cats think about their owners? Do they know we love them?


May 2

Posted by Barkibu editors

Do cats know we love them? Do cats really want us? Are they with us just for the food? We have already commented that scientific studies show that cats have never been fully domesticated. It is true that there are more compatible breeds to live with us than others, but not all. Are they with us just for the food? Are we fools for wanting to have them by our side?


Do cats fell love when you kiss them?

Dog lovers will respond 'yes' to this; that a dog is faithful, affectionate, and a friend who is always by our side, and that the same cannot be said of cats, which are selfish beings and it seems that they only want us for the interest. This is a widespread thought of all of those who do not live with cats, but we know that there is something else; that they do not have such an egocentric personality as many have insisted on trying to ratify without evidence.

Fortunately, a group of the University of Oregon has proposed to shed some light on this issue, bringing together a group of cats, deprived of company, food, and toys for a few hours, (not resorting to abuse or isolation, of course).


Do cats miss their owners? Are cats capable of love?

After this period, they were taken to a room where there was food, yes, but also human beings. Curiously, half of the cats ran to meet their caregivers, demanding cuddling, affection, and attention. Only a third of the research group decided to eat instead of meeting with their human family.

What this study discovered is that generalizing is never a good idea. Not all cats are in a certain way, in the same way that not all people are similar.

Animals are living beings with emotions, longings, and desires, and one of them is to be with those they love. Those of us who have cats know that their behavior is not always easy, but also that when they want to play with us, snuggling in our lap or when they wait for us when we get home is because they love us, not just because we feed them.