Why is my dog itching so much and losing hair?

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'My dog is always scratching but doesn´t have fleas' 'My dog won't stop scratching and biting himself' or 'my dog scratches a lot and rips his hair off' are two common consultations that our online veterinarians carry out, worried that your furry insists on doing so much damage.

There are several reasons why your furry will not stop scratching even at the cost of their own health, creating injured ears, nose, legs and in the rest of his body. Today we will explain to you how the disease that makes him scratch himself to the point of pulling of the hair is called, if it has a cure, and how to avoid it. If you have any questions or you want a custom query, contact without commitment our online veterinarians.

My dog won't stop scratching and biting himself

In general, the most common case for which your dog cannot avoid bringing his claws to his body and rub them without stopping is due to atopic dermatitis. It is vital to understand this disease to understand how to fight it. If your dog scratches himself because of atopic dermatitis, it means that his body has an abnormal and exaggerated reaction to something that is found in the environment.

This disease is very common in dogs since one of every ten furry can suffer it. The most common is that it manifests itself during the first five years of life, but with one exception. If your doggie is a puppy with a few months old, it tends to be more common that the itching is caused by an external parasite. If he gets this itching being a bigger dog, it is more possible that it is a case of scabies.

My dog scratches a lot and causes injury

The problem we have to face with atopic dermatitis is the scratching without control, which can end up causing deep wounds and even baldness. The lesions can occur in any part of his body, also the baldness. In addition to causing pain and that causes them to rub their paws at it even more, his immune system will be depressed, being an entrance to opportunistic bacteria.

Humans can also have atopic dermatitis. The difference between humans and dogs is that the latter cannot be educated to quit the scratching, we can try but it becomes very complicated, especially if they already caused wounds and they hurt. Knowing how irritating it can be, the question is: can we heal it with home remedies?

My dog scratches a lot and rips its hair off, is it dermatitis?

We have to be careful when we decide to use a home remedy to heal the dermatitis of our furry. The reason for that was already covered by this article: What if instead of atopic dermatitis it is a case of scabies, a parasite or even a behavior problem? Yes, the doggies also have stress, so much that it causes them to bite their own legs and to lose hair.

So, before using special shampoos or concoctions designed to contain dermatitis, we always have to go first to the veterinarian, because if it is a case of scabies and you are treating him for atopic dermatitis, you will be losing your time. In short: if you see him scratching, ask our online veterinarians.

Home remedies for atopic dermatitis and allergy in dogs

Knowing it is a case of atopic dermatitis, your veterinary will tell you that you can't heal it, but treat it. Atopic dermatitis caused by an allergy is a natural part of your furry friend. In addition to their irresistible smile, some dogs have allergies too, and you have to accept them as they are. The specialist will diagnose it and will decide the degree of the allergy. In some cases, preventative measures that reduce the reaction will be taken; in other cases, we use medicine that helps relieve the itch.

In addition to that, it is your responsibility to keep your house clean and free from dust and mites. A good diet with feeding, natural and humid recipes of good quality will provide him the necessary nutrients to be strong in case a bacteria try to infect him. We recommend that you use foods that are rich in vitamin K and E, with small portions of natural yogurt, but only those with barely or free of sugar and always in small quantities.

My dog is always scratching but doesn't have fleas

The essential oils are also fabulous to relief his pain, which will diminish his scratching and loss of hair. Other than those home remedies there are specially designed shampoos specifically for such cases, and also prepared foods so that you don't have to cook them from a recipe yourself. Remember that, whenever you cook to your dog, you have to do it following the guidance of our online canine dietitians, this way you will be sure to not give him something toxic.

We hope that those advices will help you understand why your dog scratches a lot to the point of losing hair. Remember that you have our online veterinarians always at your service.