Sneezing en cats

Violent and noisy expulsion of the air of the lungs made through the nose and mouth by a sudden and involuntary movement of the diaphragm.

Cat Tabby
Tabby, my female cat mongrel, have much mucus in the nose and sneezing
Tabby appears to have 2 separate problems from the information you have supplied. The runny nose/sneezing and the eating a lot/weight loss. The runny nose appears to respond to your chloramphenicol eye drops, which is interesting. But you really should not be using your own prescriptions on your cat, in some situations this could very dangerous to your cat. This could be coincidence or it may help your vet to know this information. The eating a lot and being very skinny could indicate a problem such as hyperthyroidism or Diabetes mellitus, both of which can cause wide ranging effects on the body. You would need the help of a vet to diagnose what is going on here.
Veterinarian Tara Zilic
Bransgore, Dorset
Cat Snickers And Lucy
Snickers And Lucy
Snickers And Lucy, my female cat american shorthair and american shorthair mix, has loud breathing and sneezing
This sounds like a severe upper respiratory infection. these conditions are common with cats and they need to be treated fast with antibiotics, especially if she is not eating. Take her to the vet today, they will check her lungs to make sure there isn't a severe pneumonia as well and will prescribe antibiotics. One of the reasons for the lack of appetite in this condition is the fact that your cat cannot smell. try to offer her sardines or tuna - this might help her appetite.
Veterinarian David Elbeze
Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire
Cat Dd
Dd, my male cat british shorthair, has cough, loads of mucus in the nose, and sneezing
Esta respuesta fue escrita por Irene Silvan. I think that your vet has done a good job. upper respiratory problems are usually viral so an atibiotic treatment won't help (antibiotics don't cure viral infections). If he doesn't get better with the VibraVet they will have to perform more tests. Xrays, bacterial culture of the mucus, etc. If he has ulcers and respiratory problems it's not the same as if he has dental problems. From what you initially said he doesn´t have dental problems but oral ulcers caused by the virus that causes his respiratory problems, usually an herpesvirus. Finally, almost 100% cats are positive to FCoV, that doesn't mean that he has a diesease caused by that virus. Kind regards
Veterinarian Veterinarios de Barkibu
España, Madrid
Cat Pichu
Pichu, my male cat unknown, has cough, greenish or yellowish tears, and fever
Hello! It's probable that your cat got contagious in the foster home. Eye inflammations and discharge are very often connected to conjunctivitis, most commonly caused by herpes virus which is highly contagious among cats. Also, cough in cats can have several causes: viral illness, bronchitis, asthma, heart worm, etc. If your cat has fever, it means the infection is now severe. You should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible, so he/she can perform a complete checkup to determine the cause and give her an appropriate treatment. Don't self-medicate your pets. Keep in mind that not knowing of medications and their compounds, as well as the effect they have on our pets can produce serious harms. We at Barkibu, nor the veterinarians cooperating with us, are not allowed to give you any diagnosis and treatment, as that is not possible without seeing the animal. All the best.
Veterinarian Barkibu Vets
San Francisco, California
Cat Sydney
Sydney, my male cat unknown, has cough, sneezing, and a lot of mucus in the nose
Hello! It is recommended to take your cat to the veterinarian as it could be heart or parasitic problem, or a hairball among other possible diagnoses. Your vet will do an ECG and take blood sample which will help to determine the correct diagnose and give your cat an appropriate treatment. All the best.
Veterinarian Barkibu Vets
San Francisco, California
Cat Qbert And Pooh
Qbert And Pooh
Qbert And Pooh, my male cat mixed, has sneezing, squinting, and red or irritated eyes
You can clean the eyes with saline solution and take them to the vet because the vet will check the eyes.They will need to know if there is corneal ulcer and what kind of infection to put the correct treatment. Kind regards
Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Zamora, Zamora