Dog Dolly

Dolly, my female dog unknown and labrador retriever mix, has blood in urine

Dolly is struggling with her back end and also blood in urine

about 4 years ago
Information about Dolly
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 13 years
  • Symptoms: Blood in urine
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Veterinarian Melissa  Matthews
Melissa Matthews
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Hi dolly and dollys mum.
Struggling with her back end is something very common in older dogs and especially larger dogs. Labradors themselves are a breed prone to joint problems and hip dysplasia. Of she is showing signs then you will need to start addressing this by adding joint supplements daily. When researching 'green lipped muscle' is by far the most effective I've come across. The glucosamine chondroitin mixes are less effective and actually have not clinical evidence of working so ensure your product contains green lipped muscle. You will also need to consider hydrotherapy or physiotherapy to aid her joints and encourage the joint capsules to remain fluid filled and keep her range of motion in tbe joint and also restricting muscle mass is imperative, or she will become weak VERY quickly.

Blood in her using can be a case of cystitis which can be very uncomfortable and requires a vets consultation anf check over. Take a urine sample with you for a quick diagnosis whilst you wait and they will also sort her some pain relief for her little legs.

Good luck

about 4 years ago