Dog Dozer

Dozer, my male dog mixed with dachshund, has vomit, lethargy, and inflamed abdomen

He's not a dachshund. He is mixed breed but not sure with what. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis yesterday afternoon. I didn't feed him for 24 hours like the vet hospital told me. I fed him a cup of turkey,carrot,zucchini, baby spinach. I only have him a cup to see how he does. Just curious if this is okay or not. He hasn't thrown up yet but he's still laying around and being moopy

almost 2 years ago
Information about Dozer
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Mixed with Dachshund
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 10 years
  • Sterilized: Yes
  • Symptoms: Abdominal or stomach pain, Dehydration, Lack of enthusiasm, droopy, sad, depression, Eats objects that are not food (plastic, socks, etc.), Fever, Bad breath, Inflammed abdomen, Lethargy, Noisy breathing, Vomit, Weight loss, and Yellow vomit
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Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Elena Laguno

You have done well feeding him with that kind of food.The goal is to feed him with a low fat diet.You can buy the food or you can çook for him.
It is good when you feed him with a little quantity of food but many times per day(for example:5 times) and always the food has to be low fat.

Kind regards

almost 2 years ago