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We are veterinary professionals cooperating with Barkibu Team. We'll help you in the best way we can so your pet will be healthy and happy. Be aware that we at Barkibu, nor the veterinarians cooperating with us, are not allowed to give you any diagnosis and treatment, as that is not possible without seeing the animal. In case of urgency, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, and don't self-medicate your pets. Keep in mind that not knowing of medications and their compounds, as well as the effect they have on our pets can produce serious harms.

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Dog Max
Max, my male dog french bulldog, has use of scented sand
¡Hola! Para evitar que se convierta en un hábito debes estar pendiente y cuando haga caca retirársela enseguida para evitar que se la coma, ya que cuanto más lo haga más se reforzará la conducta y será más difícil...
about 1 year ago
Fish Fishitoc
I have a question about Fishitoc, my male fish betta
¡Hola! Lo más seguro es que haya comido más de lo normal o que la comida que le estás dando no sea la más adecuada. Si ya lo has dejado sin comer unos días, puedes darle un poco de guisante cocido pero sin...
about 1 year ago
Fish Kenny
I have a question about Kenny, my male fish betta
Hola: Cuando hay cambios de pecera, los peces betta pueden sentirse estresados y dejar de comer hasta incluso dos semanas. No obstante, si pasan más días y sigue sin comer, se recomienda que lo lleves al...
about 1 year ago
Other 1
a pet, has diarrhea
Hola: Muchas veces los cachorros muestran diarrea por alguna intolerancia alimentaria o por empachamiento. No obstante, también algunas veces se debe a una causa orgánica: infecciones bacterianas, víricas o...
about 1 year ago
Rodent Rocky
I have a question about Rocky, my female rodent dumbo rat
Hello: This is a free service. All the best,
about 1 year ago
Dog Apollo
Apollo, my male dog yorkshire terrier, has variable salivation
Hello: The causes of drooling are numerous: - Presence of a foreign body in the oral cavity. Something quite common in dogs that usually ingest objects or nibble on them. - Changes in the oral cavity / pharynx...
about 1 year ago
Other Wesley
Wesley, my male pet unknown, has diarrhea
Hello! When your rabbit has soft and pasty stool, his diet should be changed and, afterwards a differential diagnosis should be performed. The last one should be done by a professional veterinarian - specialist...
about 1 year ago
Fish Brush
I have a question about Brush, my male fish unknown
Hello: If that happens it is because some factor it is not appropriate. It may be that the water is not cleaned or that the fish tank is too small, or that there are more fish than the account for the space of the...
about 1 year ago
Fish Betta
I have a question about Betta, my male fish betta
Hola: Normalmente se debe a la calidad del agua. Se recomienda cambiar de poco en poco el agua del acuario y consultar en la tienda especializada en peces el tratamiento para la podredumbre de las zonas, ya que hay...
about 1 year ago
Other 1
I have a question about a pet
Hello: It is possible that the fish ate too much, or that the blood worm had some bacteria. It’s probably the first one, since the betta fish have a very small stomach and they are always want to eat. They are...
about 1 year ago
Dog Puppy
I have a question about Puppy, my female dog mixed with chihuahua
Hola: Eso se considera una urgencia veterinaria, por lo que esperamos que ya hayas podido llevarlo a la clínica para que lo traten cuanto antes y pueda superarlo. Un saludo,
about 1 year ago
Rodent Smudge
I have a question about Smudge, my male rodent ferret
Hello! Since your Smudge is bleeding, you should visit a vet as soon as possible, before it gets infected. Once at the vet, they will be able to examine him and make basic analysis in order to assess the problem...
about 1 year ago
Other Bubba Goose
Bubba Goose
Bubba Goose, my male pet mixed, has diarrhea
Hello: It seems to be an infection of anal glands (sacs). Once infection happens, take your Bubba to a vet to drain the fluid out of anal glands. To make sure what is it about, you should contact a...
about 1 year ago
Cat Johnnie
Johnnie, my male cat siamese, has green vomit
Hello: Vomiting is a very nonspecific symptom that can occur due to different reasons. If your cat is not expelling hair with the vomit, it is advisable to take him to your veterinarian for a general examination...
over 1 year ago
Rodent Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice
I have a question about Pumpkin Spice, my female rodent mixed with baldwin guinea pig
Hello! When hamsters have an abscess, it is not unusual for hair to fell off of that area. It has to be checked if the abscess needs to be drained and cleaned. Most abscesses get broken when they reach a...
over 1 year ago
Reptile Iggy
I have a question about Iggy, my female reptile unknown
Hello: It could be an infectious cutaneous bacterial or fungal process but a clinical exploration will be necessary to reach an adequate diagnosis. On the other hand, the most likely causes may be an infectious...
over 1 year ago
Cat Sasha
Sasha, my female cat american shorthair, has urination ande defecation out of tray
Hello! There are more sociable cats than others and demand more attention from their owners. They are more active at night, since they are a twilight species; for this reason it is important to give her activity...
over 1 year ago
Dog Stokley
Stokley, my male dog mixed with staffordshire bull terrier, has green vomit
Hello! Not eating nor drinking is usually a sign something is wrong with your dog's health, and it could be serious. When occurred in the same time as diarrhea and vomiting, it is very important to visit a vet...
over 1 year ago
Reptile Salhof
I have a question about Salhof, my male reptile hermann's tortoise
Hello: It could be an infectious cutaneous bacterial or fungal process but a clinical exploration will be necessary to reach an adequate diagnosis. This is a sign that something is failing, be it nutrients...
over 1 year ago
Other 1
a pet, has hiccups
Hello: We need you to provide us with more information to help you. Best regards,
over 1 year ago