Veterinarian Julian Nalliah
Julian Nalliah
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia)
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Graduate at University of Queensland with over 16 years experience in Veterinary Science.

I have a diverse range of medical, surgical, dental and animal behaviour skills and am passionate about continual education which enables me to offer the most up to date care available.

I perform Cruciate surgeries (TTA and modified DeAngelis), surgical correction of dislocating patellars (knee caps), advanced dental techniques such as Vital Pulpotomies (height reduction) to treat base narrow lower canines, incisional gastropexy to decrease the severity of GDV, early diagnosis and management of hip dysplasia, small animal behaviour examinations to manage various conditions such as separation anxiety, storm phobias and inter dog aggression.

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Daisy Hill Vet Clinic
5 Allamanda Dr, Daisy Hill QLD 4127, Australia

Daisy Hill Vet Clinic is proudly an independent, family owned and operated veterinary practice. Our vets and nurses are compassionate and committed to caring. We encourage further study and we regularly attend conferences and seminars so that we can continue to provide cutting edge medicine and surgery. We are a small and close knit team and all really enjoy what we do in keeping pets as comfortable and healthy as possible. At Daisy Hill Vet we treat your pet as if it were our own, after all, your pets are our family.

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