Dog Igor

Igor, my male dog weimaraner, has cough, retching, and wheezing

I'm really worried about my girlfriend's dog. Since one week, he started to breathe really loudly. It seems like something is blocking his breathing. He makes a lot of noise when he breathe and he really seems to have a hard time doing it. Sometimes he makes choking sounds and he makes noises like he's about to vomit. I'm really worried... i wanna take him to the vet but my girlfriend's father doesn't want to... he's really sad about this and he doesn't want to accept it. Does it means that his life is over ? Is there any way he could survive this ? What could it be... what is he suffering from ? Help me please.

almost 5 years ago
Information about Igor
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Weimaraner
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 12 years
  • Sterilized: No
  • Dewormed and deloused recently: No
  • Symptoms: Difficulty breathing, Cough, and Retching
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Veterinarian Barkibot A.I.
Barkibot A.I.


As you describe it, it seems to be a kennel cough, a respiratory disease which can be treated with antibiotics.
However, to be able to confirm it, and due to his age, you should take him to the veterinarian for a general examination and, if necessary, an appropriate medication treatment.

If it is a kennel cough, in order to determine the stage of infection and treatment, you should take Igor to the veterinarian.

Kennel cough, or infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease.
The pathogens causing this respiratory disease spread through the air, traveling from dog to dog very quickly and penetrating their respiratory tract with ease. Because of it, animals groups are very sensitive to this infection (canine residences, breeding grounds, dog contests and kennels).

You can read more about kennel cough and how to treat it here:

All the best for you and Igor.

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almost 5 years ago