Cat Jett

Jett, my male cat unknown, has blood in urine

I accidentally gave my cat 2 doses of his meds. He weight about 10.5 lbs. His antibiotics are Clavaseptin 62.5 mg and Prazosin 1mg (1/2). One dose of each every 12 hours. What happened is I gave him his doses at 11pm, but around 3 am, I woke up panicking thinking I missed his doses so I gave him an extra dose (without knowing, I was half asleep). Now, he seems fine exept there was a little bit of blood in his urine. I skipped his doses this morning at 11am. I can't bring him to the vet today. Is it safe for me to still give him is 11pm doses? Thanks!

about 4 years ago
Information about Jett
  • Species: Cat
  • Breed: Unknown
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Sterilized: No
  • Symptoms: Blood in urine
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Veterinarian Borja Ros Villanueva
Borja Ros Villanueva
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Since you give him a double dosis of antibiotic only once, nothing will happen.

However, a double dose of prazosin is not so good.

What you can do is to give your cat the antibiotic at 11 at night, and skip the prazosin until tomorrow morning. After that, you can resume the pattern of medicine administration as before.

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about 4 years ago