Diarrhea en cats

Intestinal disorder characterized by increased frequency, fluidity and often volume of depositions

Cat Simba
Simba, my male cat unknown, has diarrhea and blood in the stool
If he has worms them the colon may be irritated and causing inflammation and blood. If he is OK in himself then it should settle as the worms evacuate the bowel..
Veterinarian Melissa  Matthews
Axminster , Devon
Cat Vanilla
Vanilla, my female cat mixed with turkish van, has diarrhea and bad breath
Hi. It's so awfull that someone could abandon Vainilla like that! It looks like she has an infection that affects her mouth (stomatitis) and lots of dental calculus. We can't fix that without performing an ultrasound treatment to remove the calculus, Sometimes we have to give dogs an antibiotic treatment too. If she has fleas and other parasites you must treat them, they can porvoque lots of diseases. The two lumps you feel in her neck can be due to the infection that she has in her mouth or a disease transmitted by parasites. She can't pass without a vet any longer. Talk to the vet, see if he/she can help you. kind regards.
Veterinarian Irene Silvan
Bozeman, Montana
Cat King
King, my male cat american persian, has diarrhea and blood in the stool
Hi, When the Large intestine gets inflammated (due to infection, allergies or even stress) blood in the stool is quite frequent. It's common that they look quite normal and it only hurts when she defecates. Please, take her to the vet. She could get very dehidrated because of this problem. Severe immflamation can provoque sequels. The sooner you adress this the better, Take samples of the feces to the vet. (take a sample three alternative days, its easier to find parasites like giardias that way). Kind regards
Veterinarian Irene Silvan
Bozeman, Montana