Lameness en cats

Physical problem that prevents from normal walking

Cat Kahlo
Kahlo, my male cat bengal, has difficulty walking or standing up and limp
Esta respuesta fue escrita por Irene Manso Silván. Hello, In order to help you propperly we would need to have the complete anamnesis of the animal, the x-rays that have been performed and the animal himself to explore or to take X-rays to re-check the evolution of the lession. If the person who is treating Kahlo is a traumathology specialist I might not be the best person to decide if he/she is right or wrong, but I can tell you some things that can be usefull. - If the cat limb is inmobilised with a bandage, it's normal that he keeps it in a strange position or that he doesn´t want to bare weight. - The cat must have an analgesic treatment during his convalescence, and might need other treatments as antibiotics or gastric protectors (they are usually aded to analgesic treatments). Check with your vet. - Natural healing of a bone usually takes some time, rehabilitation is frequently needed. If the person who has been advicing you is not a specialist, I recommend that you ask one fore advice, taking into account that he/she will need to have the previous x-rays, treatments, and Kahlo himself, to answer you. I hope that everything turns out fine. Best wishes
Veterinarian Veterinarios de Barkibu
España, Madrid
Cat Patu
Patu, my female cat mixed, has limp
Hi' Firstly brave little cat with everything she has been through. Regarding the plates, it seems VERY early to consider removing them. The bone takes at least 6 weeks to heal. The fact that she is using the leg with just a limp is a great sign after a mere 2 weeks. Generally orthopaedic surgery is a long process of healing AFTER the surgery and some may still have a some lamness up to 6 months after surgery where physio is not used. If she is eating and drinking and all else normally then i wouldn't worry or consider removal just yet, she is still healing Maybe ask your vet if he suspects infection, of which then it would need to be removed early. Hope this helps. Good luck
Veterinarian Melissa  Matthews
Axminster , Devon
Cat Motty
Motty, my female cat common european, has limp
¡Hola! Si no apoya la pata es porque tiene dolor, y debe administrarse un antiinflamatorio o analgésico; por ello, te recomendamos llevar lo antes posible a tul gatita al veterinario. Le harán una exploración y las pruebas necesarias para identificar la causa y implementar un tratamiento adecuado. Espero haberte ayudado. Aviso: esta es una respuesta automática del sistema de inteligencia artificial revisada por nuestros veterinarios. En caso de gravedad, te recomendamos que contactes cuanto antes con tu veterinario.
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