Vomit with blood en dogs

Violent and spasmodic expulsion of the content of the stomach with fresh blood through the mouth

Dog Gabby
Gabby, my female dog english cocker spaniel, has diarrhea, blood in the stool, and vomiting blood
Hi! Your situation is urgent: you need to visit a vet as soon as possible. The online consultations try to provide as much help and advice as possible, but, without seeing the animal, the vets can't ensure a proper diagnosis or recommend a treatment. Afterwards, you can ask in Barkibu if you still have any doubts. Regarding you PayPal payment, we will make a full refund. Kind Regards
Veterinarian Barkibu Team
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Dog Cocco
Cocco, my female dog australian cattle, has vomiting blood and diarrhea
Hello! When your dog's vomit contains blood, especially if it is frequent and appears continuously, it may be due to a serious problem that needs urgent veterinary intervention. It could be from an intoxication, parasites, ulcers, gastroenteritis, bacterial or viral infection, to renal, hepatic or intestinal disease, among others. Since the cause may vary, it is important to take your dog to your veterinarian, so he/she can examine her and perform needed tests in order to make a diagnosis and give her corresponding treatment. Don't self-medicate your pets. Keep in mind that not knowing of medications and their compounds, as well as the effect they have on our pets can produce serious harms. All the best for you and Cocco. Note: This is an automatic answer provided by artificial intelligence previously reviewed by our veterinarians. In case of urgency, we recommend you to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
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Dog Cody
Cody, my male dog chihuahua, has threw up, vomiting blood, and loads of mucus in the nose
¡Hola! La presencia de sangre en las heces puede tener varias causas como: parásitos, comida inadecuada, gastroenteritis hemorrágica, heridas rectales y hasta por estrés. Cuando viene acompañada de otros síntomas, el tratamiento puede variar mucho dependiendo de la causa que lo provoque. Es fundamental que acudas a un veterinario urgentamente para llegar a un diagnóstico concreto y poner solución al problema. Espero haberte ayudado. Aviso: esta es una respuesta automática del sistema de inteligencia artificial revisada por nuestros veterinarios. En caso de gravedad, te recomendamos que contactes cuanto antes con tu veterinario.
Veterinarian Barkibot A.I.
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Dog Pebbles
Pebbles, my female dog yorkshire terrier, has lack of enthusiasm, droopy, sad, depression, vomit with blood, and dehydration
Pebbles should urgently visit the vet.The vet will take a sample of blood because Pebbles could have a renal problems or foreign object stuck in the stomach or bacterial infection such as "Helicobacter pylory" between other causes. Kind regards
Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Zamora, Zamora