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the aim of the wild Bird Hospital is to heal and
bring back to health the injured wild birds and if
possible, let them back into the nature. otherwise,
we take care of them their whole life.
our task is to rescue helpless birds, to protect endangered
species, and make presentations about
our birds to educate the public and to help protect
the environment. No matter what kind of bird species,
we would like and try to help them all.
we would like to show all a good example of
how to love and care for animals and to show the
way we love to help them. we want to demonstrate
examples of humanity, harmony and responsibility.
We believe that our efforts effect the right way
of thinking and that our professional activities can
make a meaningful contribution to a better world.

Sukoró, Hungary
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In the wild Bird Hospital, we bring back to
health around 500 birds every year. that
means more than 50 different kind of
species! From a mere sparrow to a highly
prized and endangered bird. our success
rate in getting them back into the nature
is approximately 40%.

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