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Blinchik, my male dog mixed with border collie, has loss of hair

Hi, my mixed breed 4 year old dog has the tips of his ears dry and covered in little wounds. Also there is no fur on the affected area. Its been like this for a couple of years. He's not in pain, it's not itchy. We've been to the vet, they took scrapes and blood and £400 and said that they can't find anything! So its not an infection and there is no parasites involved. I moisturise his ears with primrose oil at the moment and at least its not dry, just reddish. I thought it might be a vascular problem, in this case it's incurable. But there must be the way to keep it under control. Any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

over 3 years ago
Information about Blinchik
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Mixed with Border Collie
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 4 years
  • Sterilized: Yes
  • Dewormed and deloused recently: Yes
  • Symptoms: Hair loss (alopecia)
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That looks like a vasculitis. Leishmania can cause that, make sure to test Blinchik If you have travelled to endemic regions.
There are many other causes for the ear's border vasculitis, take Blinchik to a veterinary dermatologist, they will absolutely know what to do and how to treat it.

kind regards.

over 3 years ago