Rodent Harley And Toast
Harley And Toast

Harley And Toast, my male rodent gerbil, have a problem digestive and health

There cage smells really bad I think it may be there urine. I usually would have cleaned them out one a week but as of recently I'd need to clean them every two days to get rid of the smell. Could something be wrong with one of them?

over 5 years ago
Information about Harley And Toast
  • Species: Rodent
  • Breed: Gerbil
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 1 year
1 vet has answered
Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Elena Laguno

Harley can have an infection in the urine. Harley should visit the vet.

It is important to clean frequently the cage.

Kind regards,

over 5 years ago