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Trisha, my female dog shih tzu, has scratches in the ears and itching and scratching

She was taken to the vet yesterday due to suspect ear infection. She had ear flapping and scratching of the ear canal opening and around her cheek and eye. Trisha had fleas in September that caused widespread itching but has since been under control for about 1.5 months. She was on Frontline plus until Friday when I switched to revolution. She has always scratched her ears and licked her paws but it has been a little more than usual. The vet told me in September that she had dry skin and possible allergies due to sneezing constantly and her scratching since I got her when she was a puppy. When I took her to the vet yesterday, he saw inflammation in the ears but could not tell if she had a serious infection. He prescribed Malacetic Otic for every other day for 14 days. He also cleaned and plucked her ears. My question sis how long does treating ear infections usually take? Trisha does not scratch excessively or constantly to the point of injury or scabbing so I am hoping that it is a mild infection or due to allergies as she walks outside 3x a week and always puts her face in grass and leaves.

about 2 years ago
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How long an ear infection lasts depends on the cause and the level of infection.

Generally, if the cause is fungal, relapses are frequent and usually a longer treatment is needed.
If the cause is bacterial, the infection is usually faster to treat, although it depends on the degree of infection and its location (if it is more or less internal).

We recommend to follow the treatment guidelines your veterinarian have given you, and once the infection is gone, make sure your dog has a periodic ear cleaning to prevent future infections.

All the best for you and Trisha.

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about 2 years ago