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Graduate at Veterinary university of Kosice, Slovakia with over 9 years experience.

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Latest published answers
Dog Rosie
I have doubts about the behavior of Rosie, my female dog greyhound
This is due to urinary incontinence, this is a common condition older female dogs and it's usually treated with a medication called "Propalin". Take her to your vet for a urine analysis in order to rule other...
over 6 years ago
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Dog Tia
I have a question about Tia, my female dog parson jack russel
Drinking a lot could be a sign of uterine infection (Pyometra), for this reason i strongly advise you to take her to the vet for a checkup and to confirm she is pregnant.
over 6 years ago
Dog Archie
I have doubts about feeding Archie, my male dog west highland white terrier
There might be something in this food that he is allergic to. try a good quality grain free dry food(e.g. Orijen, Accana, Evolve, Barking heads), transition to the new food gradually over a period of 10 days (every...
over 6 years ago
Dog Buddy
Buddy, my male dog staffordshire bull terrier, has difficulty walking or standing
At his age this isn't good news. take him to the vet in order to perform a blood test, if everything is fine - some pain killers might be able to help him for a while.
over 6 years ago
Cat Riley
I have doubts about feeding Riley, my male cat moggy
Absolutely not, it will make him worse.
over 6 years ago
Cat Biggie
Biggie, my male cat bengal, has a health problem
If you are sure all the balloon came out, just wait 24 hours he should start feeling better and eat again. if he doesn't take him to the vet in order to try and see if he indeed still have pieces somewhere in him
over 6 years ago
Other 1
I have a question about a pet
Non medicated shampoo yes, but not human shampoo - you need to use dog shampoo.
over 6 years ago
Dog Baxter
I have a question about Baxter, my male dog shih tzu and lhasa apso mix
As far as i know there are no over the counter products for dogs or cat that treat scabies, only prescription spot ons that are sold at the vet and that will probably requier your pet to see the vet first...
over 6 years ago
Dog Coco
I have a question about Coco, my female dog chihuahua
She might have eaten something spoiled that is causing this. withhold food for 12 hours then offer her boiled boneless chicken and rice every 6 hours in small portions. if she is eating and not vomiting, continue with...
over 6 years ago
rabbit  Georgia
I have a question about Georgia, my female pet unknown
Do you have other rabbits? if so it might have been caused by one of the cage mates. some females also pull their own fur for "nesting" - this behavior can only be stopped by spaying her. It could also be parasites...
over 6 years ago
Dog Misty
I have a question about Misty, my female dog border collie
It doesn't sound like signs of pyometra to me (excessive drinking, lethargy, lack of appetite, arched back). it sounds more like a case of allergy or fleas.
over 6 years ago
Dog Amora
Amora, my female dog chihuahua, has a health problem
The only way to know if she has been scratched in the eye is taking her to the vet in order to do a staining test which will revile any eye damage. If there is a scratch she will need special drops to treat it.
over 6 years ago
Rodent Merlin
Merlin, my male rodent hamster, has a health problem
If he is stone cold and completely rigid like wood, then i'm afraid he is dead. try opening his mouth, if you can't or if his gums are white/purple then he is probably dead.
over 6 years ago
Dog Bruno Ray
Bruno Ray
Bruno Ray, my male dog boxer, has blood in urine
This might be either blood in the urine or watery bloody diarrhea. i wouldn't recommend waiting any longer before taking him to a vet, he obviously needs medical assistance and is probably in severe discomfort and...
over 6 years ago
Dog Meeca
I have a question about Meeca, my female dog staffordshire bull terrier
Hi there! Meeca is 8 y/o but she is not very old yet, so risks would be minor as it is a simple procedure. if you want to have absolute peace of mind before the surgery- do a pre opp blood test to make sure the...
over 6 years ago
Bird Sally
Sally, my female bird chicken, has a health problem
It sounds like she has an infection going on - this could be viral, bacterial, fungal or a parasitic infestation. You need to bring her to an avian vet specialist in order to try and help her.
over 6 years ago
Dog Buster
I have a question about Buster, my male dog jack russell terrier
No weight baring can be a serious condition, a fracture needs to be ruled out by a vet first. if there is no fracture, Buster will need pain killers for a few days and hopefully will go back to normal soon.
over 6 years ago
Dog Bobby
I have a question about Bobby, my male dog english cocker spaniel
At his age this is probably pain due to arthritis. you should probably start him on joint supplements such as Flexadin advanced and maybe even pain killers like metacam (you will need to go to the vet to get...
over 6 years ago
Cat Fudge
Fudge, my male cat unknown, has difficulty urinating
If in any doubt that your cat might be blocked or on his way to get blocked, i don't recommend waiting at all - take him to the vet today as it is more likely to get worse than better.
over 6 years ago
Dog Sunny
Sunny, my male dog pug, has breathing hard, gagging, and wheezing
Well unfortunately Pugs are not physically built for exercise, their oronasal cavity and upper respiratory system are very narrow which makes it more difficult for the air to pass through. I strongly advice not to...
over 6 years ago