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Rocket, my male dog chihuahua, has lethargy and abdominal or stomach pain

Hello I have a 2.5Ib male chihuahua he is 2 years old. Not spayed. He has no medical issues/history, No allergies, From early this morning I noticed his behavior was very odd, He will not jump onto furniture as usual, he attempts too but won't jump high as if he's in pain or uncomfortable & can't. He is sleeping & resting he just lays down where he's at instead of walking around & finding a place to lay as he usually would, he doesn't want to play or run around (he did run around slightly this morning) he's not this evening, his stomach is tense & very tight but while he is asleep his stomach relaxes & isn't hard. He tenses it up when he moves & isn't sleeping, So because of this iam not sure if its bloat or not so i am asking you so i know rather he should be taken to the vet or if its just a upset stomach. He has gotten upset stomach before but has never behaved this way or had a tense stomach. He does whine/moan slightly when picked up or moving very quiet though and he doesn't do it much. He is also eating still & drinking. I have not noticed a BM so i cant say rather he has or hasn't had one. Please let me know if you think it could be serious or not, if you need further information please ask. Thank you

about 2 years ago
Information about Rocket
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 years and 7 months
  • Sterilized: No
  • Symptoms: Abdominal or stomach pain and Lethargy
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Rocket could have a mild gastritis that during the day when he is more active, produces more acid which results in feeling pain and that's why his stomach gets hard.
At night, when the activity ceases, his stomach produces less acid, therefore there is less pain and stomach is not so hard.

Rocket could have a gastric ulcer or "Helicobacter pylori", but these are all assumption, not correct diagnoses.

At first, this situation you describe is not urgent as to go to emergency clinic, but you should visit your regular veterinarian.

Your vet will examine him and probably request a stool analysis, an X-ray and / or blood test.
The results of these tests will help determine what is going on with Rocket, and help determine the correct treatment.

All the best.

about 2 years ago