About us

What's behind Barkibu

Our history
To work in something that we love

Like many other successful ideas, Barkibu was born on a paper napkin in any bar anywhere.
Founding partners Patri, Quique and Pablo were looking for something they could pour all their passion and potential into: an idea to dedicate most of their time to, something they would believe in and fall in love with.
And there was just one idea that could gather all these requirements:
helping to improve the animals' quality of life.
We didn't just want anything like forums where anyone can answer when we have a question about how to care for our pets and their health.
This is about first-hand and accessible professional veterinary information.

Why Barkibu?

Our name Barkibu is the result of a determined brainstorming session...
So please don't say Barbiku or anything!

bark i bu

From its birth, Barkibu was meant to go big and internationalize, so we wanted a name that could be easily understood around the globe. Hence the Bark.

We also wanted our children-dog, the inspiration for this company, to be represented, because without them we would not exist at all.

Bu pays tribute to Boomer, our lovely English Bulldog who left us in November 2015 and that we think of every single day. Her strong, persistent and firm nature is an essential part of our philosophy.