Constipation en dogs

Alteration in bowel movement that produces an limited or with effort defecation, and in which feces are rare and hard

Dog Ralf
Ralf, my male dog bulldog, has diarrhea and constipation
Constipation can be treated with lactulose syrup, mineral oil and high fiber diet. if it is severe there might be an intestinal impaction/blockage - in this case you will need to take Ralf to the vet.
Veterinarian David Elbeze
Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire
Dog Lucy
Lucy, my female dog american staffordshire terrier, has threw up, constipation, and blood in the stool
Esta respuesta fue escrita por Irene Silvan. Hello. To know what's happening we have to perform a fecal analysis. If there is digested blood in the feces we need to rule out anaemia with a CBC. The next step might be an ecography for some cases, and the next endoscopy, depending on the results that we obtain on the way. Im the meantime: - You may buy a gastrointestinal veterynary-formulated diet. - When you take her to the vet don't feed her (12 hrs fast), just in case they can or want to perform an ecoghraphy. - You can pick up faeces from 3 days, sepparated 1 day from each other in sterile containers. That will permit to make the fecal analysis sooner. - If the skin on the interior of her mouth or eyelids isn't pink-reddish but pale, take her to the vet as an emergency. Giardias or coccidiae could be the cause of this problem, but the differential diagnostic is very long right now... kind regards
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Dog N/A
N/A, my female dog shih tzu, has constipation
Hello! If your puppy does not defecate just after feeding her, there is nothing to be worried about. Wait a few hours to see if she defecates. If she doesn’t defecate more days in a row, consult with your veterinarian. All the best.
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