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a pet, has diarrhea

What can I give to my dog?

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almost 3 years ago
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Diarrhea can have multiple and different causes: parasites, bacteria, inadequate or spoiled food, an autoimmune problem, viruses such as the parvovirus, stress or nerves because of a change in the animal's routine, a tumor, etc.

While your pet experiences diarrhea, it is advisable to only give him or her water and no food. After 12-24 hours, if your pet no longer has diarrhea, you can switch to a soft diet. If your pet still has diarrhea or isn't eating after 24 hours, you have to go to the veterinarian to identify and treat the problem.

However, if you notice any of the following symptoms shortly after you notice your pet's diarrhea: behavioral changes (disorientation, panting, fatigue ...) excessive salivation, white yellow, or bloody vomit, or vomit with some other substance, dilated pupils, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, difficulty walking, fainting, convulsions, cardiac arrhythmias, go to the veterinarian right away.

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almost 3 years ago