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a pet, has red or irritated eyes

I find a dog in the highway. And I want to take it. But I don't know what I need to do with the dog and if is gonna cost too much to me the veterinarian. The dog have the red eye and I see the dog don't have a little fur on the neck

almost 3 years ago
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Since you found the dog on the street, it is very important to make a first visit to a vet so he can start with vaccine and deworming protocol.
Even if your dog will be inside dog, you should vaccine and deworm her in order to avoid parasites and unnecessary illness.

Vaccination protocols vary depending on several aspects such as, geographical area, age and commercial brand of vaccines, among others.
It is the veterinarian who vaccinate your dog who can inform you the best of and the cost.

Deworming could be against internal and external parasites:
- external parasites: fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes.
- internal parasites: roundworms, hookworms.

It is recommended to do external deworming once a month, and internal deworming every 3 months, normally it is done with pills.
You can even find the products on the market than cover both, internal and external deworming.
To select the best product that will be suitable for your dog, we recommend you to contact the nearest veterinary clinic and ask them, as different parasites are present in different geographic area.

As for food, you should make sure to provide a complete and good quality diet. The dog food should be complete in nutritions to give him or she the calories, proteins and fats for his correct development and growth. We would advise a medium to high-end dry food, specific for your dog.

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almost 3 years ago