Reptile Ruby

I have a question about Ruby, my female reptile hermann's tortoise

We went to the dr because her foot is swollen and the dr says it’s infected and might have the start of gangrene...gave her an antibiotic shot and antibiotics to take at home...what else can I do at home
For her to get better?

almost 3 years ago
Information about Ruby
  • Species: Reptile
  • Breed: Hermann's Tortoise
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2 years
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Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Elena Laguno

At home,you keep your tortoise in good healthy conditions for avoiding more infection.
Ruby should have sun directly or UVA rays and good food.

You should see improvement during the first three days with the antibiotic.But if you see some thing or it is worse,then,come back to the doctor.

Kind regards

almost 3 years ago