Dog Tony

I have a question about Tony, my male dog shih tzu

My dog is not filling good I need to find out what to do his ears or what is wrong with my dog please help me out thanks

about 3 years ago
Information about Tony
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Shih Tzu
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 1 year and 2 months
  • Sterilized: No
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You should go to your vet to explore your dog and determine if there is something that is generating pain and discomfort. It could be a wound or ear infection (otitis).

It could also be dirt or mites in the ears. Your veterinarian will check the inner part of the ear with the otoscope and see what is causing the itching. If it is dirt your vet can clean his ears correctly, and if they are mites or an ear infection, your vet will give you the corresponding treatment.

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about 3 years ago