Bird Cutiee

I have doubts about feeding Cutiee, my male bird rose-ringed parakeet

Hello sir i grew a 50 days old Indian ring neck parrot , its not showing very much interest in eating food but at first it was eating well it was 30 days old but now day by day its eating only less and refusing to eat fruits but eating 5 - 6 sunflower seeds & its active & poops normal only . No sign of any illness

almost 4 years ago
Information about Cutiee
  • Species: Bird
  • Breed: Rose-ringed Parakeet
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: less than 1 year
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Veterinarian Elena Laguno
Elena Laguno
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Many times, when the parrot does not have any sign of illness and does not want to eat fruit or vegetables, it is usually because the parrot prefers to eat seeds than the fruit. The reason is the flavour of the fat seed. The fat has a good flavour and the fruit has not got as not much nice taste as the seeds.

There are some solutions:

- Give the fruit in the morning because in that time, the parrots are usually very hungry.
-Cut in big pieces the fruit and put in the bars of the cage.
-Put the pieces of fruit into the games and the parrot will want to find and eat them.
-You can eat fruit in front of your parrot. They can feel curiosity and then, they want to eat the same.

I hope your parrot can eat fruit with these tricks.

If your parrot starts with signs of illness, please, go to the vet.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,

almost 4 years ago