Dog Jose

I have doubts about pregnancy or reproduction of Jose, my female dog german shepherd

How many day stopped blinding take to be ready to have puppies

over 3 years ago
Information about Jose
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2 years
  • Sterilized: No
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When your dog starts bleeding it indicates that she is in the proestrus phase (it is a pre-estrus phase where your dog is still not fertile). This phase lasts between 3 and 15 days, after which the female enters the estrus phase in which she is fertile and can get pregnant.

The first days of the estrus phase are the most fertile, therefore, counting from the day that the proestrus began more or less it would be necessary to wait between 1 and 2 weeks. This, however, can vary depending on the size and individual characteristics of the dog.

If you want your dog to be mounted, in order to know the optimal time, the best would be to take her to your veterinarian who will perform certain tests like Pap smear, and will be able to identify the exact moment of the cycle your dog is in.

There are also hormonal tests that can help identify the optimal time to perform the mounting. Consult your vet about it.

All the best.

over 3 years ago