Rodent Ishu

Ishu, my male rodent guinea pig, has poor appetite

My guinea pig does not want to eat and is loosing weight he also does not want to move alot he is mostly still and not as active as before.

almost 4 years ago
Information about Ishu
  • Species: Rodent
  • Breed: Guinea Pig
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 years
  • Symptoms: Bad appetite
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Ishu, my male rodent guinea pig, has poor appetite
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Veterinarian Barkibot A.I.
Barkibot A.I.
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When guinea pig refuses to eat or drink, it is a sign of a very serious situation. It may be life-threatening. The symptoms you describe are very non-specific in order to give you any advice that could help your pet.

Take him to a veterinary specialist right away.

All the best for you and Ishu.

Note: This is an automatic answer provided by artificial intelligence previously reviewed by our veterinarians. In case of urgency, we recommend you to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

almost 4 years ago