Dog Summer

I have a question about Summer, my female dog red & white irish setter

flea infestation,extreme itching ,with baths & medications she scraties over &over,she is sore all over and she has not been near any dog or cat,yet her nipples have drooped & you think she had a litter,her stomach is almost red like a map,do not know what to do,poor dog is suffering,from continuous scratching no matter what scratching sprays we use.Help please Thank You

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Información sobre Summer
  • Especie: Dog
  • Raza: red & white irish setter
  • Sexo: Female
  • Edad: 3 años
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Veterinario Paula Díaz Rodríguez
Paula Díaz Rodríguez
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Good afternoon,

Flea bite causes an allergic dermatitis, this is the reason for the symptoms.
For itching she needs a treatment with corticosteroids, and a flea treatment on the dog and at home or where she lives with specific products.
It's important that you go to a veterinary clinic so they can relieve symptoms and help your pet.

Yours faithfully

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