Air Fresheners And Pets: Are They Safe?

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If you have pets at home, you have probably looked before for the best solution to eliminate the dog smell or the best air fresheners for households with pets. Even if you take care of your pets' hygiene, sometimes they still have a strong smell that can bother you. However, you should be careful with the products that you use. Remember that many cleaning products that we usually have at home are** toxic for pets, including air fresheners. **

The big problem are the chemicals that this products contain. It doesn't matter if it's a spray, diffuser, a candle or scented oil. Sadly, *most air fresheres contain chemicals that are toxic both for humans and animals. *

Think about it. When you use a spray, for example, the particles will spread all over the house. Some chemicals can end up in your pet's food bowl, or bed, or toys...

To asnwer some of the most common doubst about air fresheners and pets, we have created a list of Q&A to better understand the situation and choose the best option for your pet's health.

1. Why Are Air Fresheners Toxic For Pets?

Air fresheners contain Volatil Organic Compounds (VOC), chemicals that can be very toxic and cause breathing problems.

When you enter a room that was heavily sprayed with air freshener, you cannot breath. Sometimes you even start coughing. Imagine how it it for your pet.

2. Are There Natural Alternatives To Air Fresheners?

Today, all industries have a tendency to create natural products. Scented oils have gain some popularity over the years, although they are not completely safe. Even if they contain natural substances, they might be toxic, especially for cats. So keep them out of their reach!

Also, remember to read the label to check there is no toxic products. If you have any doubts, ask your vet.

3. How To Know If a Pet Has a Toxic Reaction

Symptoms may vary, and they can occur after hours or days of the exposure. A pet might caugh, have nasal or eye discharge or sneeze. In more serious cases, there might be vomiting, diarrhea or lack of apetite.

4. What Happens If My Pet Eats An Air Freshener?

If your dog eats an air freshener (for example, incense), it is much more dangerous than if he inhales it. We need to be careful and keep them out of their reach.

If an accident happens, you need to run to the vet. When possible, take the product or the name of the product with you, so the vet can check the chemicals it has in it.

5. Are There Air Fresheners For Homes With Pets?

There are lots of specific cleaning products for households with pets. They are chemicals-free products, but that doesn't mean we don't have to use them with moderation.

You can also create a potpourri with dry flowers or fruits, for example.

Another thing that never fails: ventilation. Just be careful when you open de windonws if you have a cat (or a bird), and don't let them in the room you are "freshening".