Animals that bring bad luck and good luck - Myth or reality?


Apr 15

Posted by Barkibu editors

Friday the 13th is approaching, and what better time to immerse ourselves in the myths, legends, and superstitions that surround our beloved animals? Of course, with this article, we do not want to demonize or criticize any of them because we adore them all. Take this text as a fun way to celebrate this terrifyingly magical day.

Therefore, because we want to do it in the most fun way, we will not talk about these beliefs in a conventional way. Instead, we will ask you if you believe this or that gives good or bad luck. Try to find out before reading the answer. Are you ready? Let's go! To warm up the engines, we start with an easy one.

Do black cats give good or bad luck?

It is said that black cats give bad luck if they cross your path, but only if they do it from the right to the left and never if they have any white spot on their body or a mask in their face. Maybe this is what happens, but do you also know that he gives good luck if, instead of going from one side to another, he walks towards you?

Dreaming of an eagle gives good or bad luck?

Both. If you dream that you are attacked, fear the worst of the next day, but if you see it flying high, very high, that means that good things will happen in the morning.

If a stork nests on the roof of your house, will you have good or bad luck?

Surely you knew it. If a stork decides to build his home in your house you will have good fortune. The most curious thing is that it is supposed to protect you from fires, how useful they are!

That a moth enters through the window, does it give good or bad luck?

Here we have to say that 'it depends'. If the moth that decides to visit you is white, it is a good omen; if it is black, suffer misfortune... the best thing is to close the windows and not risk it.

If you hear a cricket singing, will you be lucky or not?

We hope that knowing this will encourage you to go walk with your dog at the fields because hearing the music of a cricket will bring you much luck, but be careful because, if you kill it without wanting it, the cricket's soul will chase you and make you miserable.

That a spider enters your home is a good or a bad omen?

Well, even if it gives you grime to see a spider in your living room; you must know that it is a sign of fortune. The legends say that if a spider enters your house you will have a lot of money in the future. Surely after knowing this, you will sing of joy every time you meet one.

What dog brings good luck to his caregiver?

We arrived at the end of this article full of magic with this question. We already know what you are going to answer us, that all dogs bring luck because they know how to make us happy and living happy is the first step to be lucky. Anyway, there is an ancient Tibetan tradition that says that the Tibetan terrier brings good luck; so much so that in America they are called 'lucky givers' or 'luck bringers'.

There are many more sayings, phrases, and superstitions about animals that bring good or bad luck, but we wanted to stay with seven, why? Because seven is a magic number that brings fortune, perfect to avoid any bad omen caused by black cats or moths, crickets, and eagles that attack us in dreams. Happy Friday the 13th!