Best dog food and recipes for obese dogs to lose weight

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If your dog is obese, we recommend that you take him to the vet. Doing so will rule out metabolic problems, gas or fluid accumulation, or parasites in his abdomen, which are sometimes confused with obesity when his stomach swells. The specialist will also make a special diet for him based on his breed, weight, and age.

Does that mean that it is not advisable to resort to homemade diets for dogs? We are not saying that. This article is directed for those furry with a predisposition of overweight; who, after ruling out intestinal worms or gases,__ want to get back in shape in a natural way__.

The first step of the diet: change the way you feed him

Before changing your dog's eating habits, change yours as an owner. Stop giving him the food all at once and letting him handle it. You need to split into in five takes throughout the day and reduce each one until you find the amount he feels satisfied with. Write down what he eats and follow up until you find the right amount. The idea is to feed him according to his energy expenditure.

In addition to the foods included in this diet, you will have to take him out for a walk and do more sports with him. Make sure it does not occur right after eating food, let him rest for a while and then yes, take him to run by your side and enjoy the day with him.

What dogs should eat to lose weight?

There are some human foods that are ideal for him to eat as part of his weight loss diet. We will combine proteins that provide few fats with carbohydrates, which will give him the strength he needs to perform the exercise habit he has to develop. In the first group, we have white lean meats: chicken and turkey. In the second group, we can use rice and pasta.

When you are cooking for a dog, remember that you should never serve hot dishes, but warm ones. Furry ones are very sensitive and can hurt themselves if the food burns. As for cereals and pasta, always cook them a little more than reasonable for a human, so that they are more 'soft' than al dente, so it will favor his correct digestion.

How many calories should my dog eat to lose weight? This is not the correct question

In addition to this, you can vary this diet by adding potatoes, broccoli, and carrots. One day you can prepare chicken with rice, the next day make turkey with pasta or potatoes. Remember that when you give chicken you should never leave the bones in the dish, because they could split in his mouth, end up in his digestive tract, and cause small intestinal bleeding.

In addition to giving him chicken and turkey, dogs also like fish. Choose white fish, because they are less fatty than blue ones. Dogs eat hake very well, but remove the fish bones so they do not swallow them.

What is the best light diet for obese dogs?

These homemade recipes for your dog to lose weight have to be combined with light feeds, because inventing recipes every day is very difficult. Also, dogs like the routine, so the ideal is to change his usual feed for one with fewer calories and replace it regularly with these dishes that we have recommended. Thus, he will not notice the change in his food so much and will appreciate the variety.

There are several brands that offer dog feed with few calories: Eukunaba, Purina Pro, Breeders, or Royal Canin, among others. These are perfect for dogs with a tendency to overweight and also for castrated dogs, because they usually gain weight after castration. It is difficult to recommend one in particular. From our experience, we can tell you that each dog likes a different one. We recommend that you start with the Royal Canin and keep changing until you find yours.

Combine all this with exercise and healthy life

Do not force him to do more exercise than he can take, but you have to make him get used to walking with you more, for longer, and with more intensity. To do it right, start at the pace he's used to and increase the intensity little by little. If you do this, cook tasty things and change his feed for one with fewer calories; you will see how he loses weight until he returns to be in shape.

Everything that we have told you in this article is general advice. We recommend that you use our consultation service and tell us the breed of your dog, his weight, age, and how long have you seen him obese. Our online veterinarians will give you a hand to configure his diet. If they detect that his overweight is not due to eating but due to illness, they will also give you their advice.