Best dog food, recipes and home remedies to gain weight and muscle

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If you are looking for feed to fatten your dog or vitamins and home remedies to fatten a malnourished dog fast, we are going to give you the advice to do it correctly here. Instead of buying specialized cans for underweight dogs, the first thing is that you should be able to determine why he is so thin and then proceed with diet changes.

Do not forget that the digestive system of a dog is very sensitive and they tend to vomit more easily than a human; that is why before giving a lot of food or new food at once, it is best to do it little by little and reasonably.

The nutrition of the furry is not a game; that is why we invite you to ask our online canine dietitians, depending on his breed, weight, and age, they will tell you what the best way for him to gain weight is.

How to put weight and fatten a malnourished dog

What we have to do in the first place is to ask ourselves why our dog is so thin. There are three reasons: that he does not eat enough, that he is sad, or that he is sick. Lack of appetite or thinness is the first symptom of disease, because the apathy that parvovirus, distemper, or even a cold causes will take away the hunger of your friend.

There are many diseases that a dog can have depending on his age; some can end up with it him in a matter of hours, so it is important that you are quick and that if you see if his appetite was suddenly gone, take him to the vet. A serious condition that makes him lose weight very fast is cancer.

That is why if you find a dog and adopt him and you want it to recover his weight, the first thing you have to do is not stuff him with vitamins, cans and fattening feeds, but to dismiss that it is not due to some disease.

Foods and home remedies that fatten your dog

If he's not sick, maybe the reason he's so thin is that he's sad. A dog is a very sensitive animal; he suffers and is very empathetic. If you move him away from your life, if you do not pay attention to him, if you do not walk or play with him enough, he will stress, will not sleep well and will also stop eating. In the long run, you will see that he is very malnourished.

Again, the solution for this case is not for him to gain weight by stuffing him with food; it is to make him enjoy your company again, to have a routine that he can enjoy, and get him to regain the spirit. When he achieves that, he will eat again and get fat. Remember that a depressed dog will have a low immune system, so he will be more prone to get opportunistic infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis.

No vitamins, feed, or specialized cans to fatten; only good diet

Once you have confirmed that he is neither sick nor sad, it is time for him to begin to eat well. Contact our online dietitians and confirm that you are feeding him well based on his age and weight. Many dogs stop eating because they are bored with their food. It is possible that you carry his whole life giving only dry feed, and not a good one for that matter.

Instead, choose a tasty one, full of nutrients, and of the highest quality. But, of course, do not always give him this food; in some days offer him cans with wet food or recipes prepared by you.

Many old dogs stop eating because dry food does not activate the receptors of their nose, and their smell does not motivate them to eat. Also, on some occasions, they might have snot or warts inside of their nose that prevents them from smelling. With the wet and warm food, he will regain his appetite.

How to make a thin dog gain fat

With two servings of food per day, your dog would have to have enough. As a general rule, it is understood that all the food he needs is the one that he takes about twenty minutes to eat.

If he does not have an appetite, it is easy to open it. In addition to the aroma of warm dishes, you will get him to be hungry by making him run more, play more, and with better quality food. With these simple tips, he will get fat and recover his health again.

If even following these tips he does not recover his weight, before deciding to give a fattening feed, always consult a veterinarian, so you will avoid causing any damage to his delicate stomach.