Can a dog lose its voice from barking too much? - Solution


Jul 30

Posted by Barkibu editors

How to treat a dog with a hoarse or squeaky bark? There are several reasons why a dog may have aphonia or lost his voice. Some cruel people make surgery on their furry and remove the vocal cords so they can't bark, but in other cases, this aphonia is due only to a swollen throat due to laryngitis. In this article, we will explain how to cure laryngitis in dogs, what to do if his throat is irritated and what home remedies are best for aphonia in dogs.

What we do ask is that you try to use home remedies the least you can, especially the first time you try to use them, if your dog is still a baby or if it is very old. The reason is that a furry does not speak, so you will not know if he is better or only the symptoms of a worse disease are being camouflaged. If he is a puppy or an old dog, his immune system will be weakened, so it is always better to seek professional advice from a veterinarian.

Home remedies for a dog throat infection

It is tempting to think that if a dog has aphonia, a home remedy such as giving honey, something warm, lemon, or ginger will suffice, but are these good solutions against a canine throat problem? Let's start with honey. In principle, giving a little bit of honey can be beneficial. This product is a natural antibiotic, that is, it fights bacteria that may be causing laryngitis.

However, honey contains a lot of sugar, a product that can harm your dog, especially if he is diabetic. That is why, before giving honey to your friend, go check with your veterinarian. Lemon is also good against bacteria, such as ginger, but furry ones do not usually accept acids well. In addition, lemon can become toxic to them, causing them to vomit and some worse reactions.

As for drinking something hot, we don't recommend it either. They are very sensitive to high temperatures, so you can hurt his throat, which is already bad. That is, the remedy may be worse than the disease. In summary: honey may help a little, but as we said, the sugar it contains can also do a lot of damage.

My dog has a swollen throat, what do I do?

Now that we know that it is not a good idea to offer typical human remedies to him, we must know why he has an irritated throat. At the beginning of this article, we have talked about some causes: a barbarity committed against his vocal cords and laryngitis. This is a common disease that is nothing more than an inflammation of the throat. It is usually caused by bacteria or virus. If he has it, he will also have a fever and will need antibiotics.

Do not even think about giving him antibiotics for humans or you will fry his liver and kidneys. Only a veterinarian can prescribe them and in the appropriate dose. In addition to these reasons, we have to think about other causes that prevent him from breathing well causing the obstruction. We can be talking about a lump, benign cancer, or a malignant one.

But do not panic, the most typical causes of aphonia are an infection of the larynx or a blow that has been caused by running like a mad dog out there. Perhaps a wound has been made or the area has become inflamed. In these cases, it is best to consult our online veterinarians and also visit a specialist.


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How to cure laryngitis and aphonia of dogs

The cure you already know: go to the vet, but there are many things you can do at home. For start, prevent situations that could hurt his throat. Avoid sudden changes in temperature or that he lay down at places with air currents. A good diet, rich, varied, and full of nutrients is the best way for his immune system to resist the attack of viruses and bacteria.

Making sure that he drinks all the water he needs in a day naturally will allow him to have a hydrated throat and without dryness, which helps a lot. If you notice that it is very cold in the street and you still need to go because it is a tiny dog, put some clothes on him.

We hope that this article has helped you not to resort to home remedies, to go to the specialist, and prevent the causes that cause aphonia. Remember that you have our online veterinarians for everything you need.