Can a dog recover from distemper? - Vaccine, prevention and treatment

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What is the treatment for distemper in dogs? Are there home remedies that we can apply in our home? Is it possible for distemper to spread from dogs to humans? Today we are going to tell you everything related to the cure for distemper in dogs, what you have to do, why you have to go to a specialist, and how you have to take care of the dog in your home.

If you have doubts about the phases of the distemper or you want to know if your dog with distemper is recovering well, do not hesitate to make a query to our online veterinarians. That way you can give us all the necessary information: weight, age, breed, and the symptoms he presents, so we can tell you what to do in a more precise way. Count on us!

How long can a dog live with distemper?

Yes, the distemper in dogs can be cured if you react to the first symptoms the way we will explain here. No, it does not spread to humans, so you can take care of him without worry and give him all the pampering he needs. There are few diseases that can be transmitted between species, being rabies the most known, but this is not the case.

Distemper can occur in vaccinated dogs, but why? Well, because it is a virus that can mutate year after year. Now you are wondering: and why do we get the dog to be vaccinated for distemper then? Well, even if he is infected with another strain of the virus, his body will already be prepared against it, which will make it easier for him, allowing him to face it better and have more chances of survival.

The vaccine is nothing more than the weakened virus, so that his immune system can kill it with a better advantage. That will help him to know the virus and how to act against it in the future. Now that we have made this clear, let's talk about the cure.

Are there home remedies for distemper in dogs?

As we have already said: no, there are no home remedies that will cure him without further ado. You will suspect that your dog has distemper because he will have a lot of snot. If this were the only symptom it could also be a cold, but you have to consider that it is possible that it is distemper because he will have a fever, he will vomit, he will have brittle hair, he will not want to eat, and he will get worse over time. Remember that whenever a dog vomits or has diarrhea in abundance you have to go to the vet at once, because he could dehydrate and die.

Distemper is caused by a virus, so it does not have a direct cure. A virus is not a bacterium; it cannot be fought with antibiotics, so what you have to achieve is to give him everything he needs during the whole time the distemper lasts, so that he does not die and he can move on. This is where the figure of the veterinarian enters.

How long can a dog live with distemper?

The duration of canine distemper depends on the strength of your friend, so the vet cannot determine what is going inside the dog's body without knowing his status or his background. What is certain is that the sooner you take him to the specialist, the sooner he will be cured.

If he is vaccinated, he will get over it sooner, and if he catches it being a very small puppy without vaccinating it is difficult to achieve that. Therefore, we insist: vaccinate your dogs when they come into your life.

The distemper virus is very aggressive, so it is important that your veterinarian diagnose how it is attacking and provide all the vitamins he needs. The vet will also give him antibiotics, not because they serve to fight the virus, but because the dog will be very weak from it and it will be necessary to protect him from opportunistic bacteria.

Canine distemper, treatment at home

Once the veterinarian allows it, you can take him home, give him all your love, and give him food of the highest quality. You will receive recommendations on what to feed him, but the key is to focus on foods that have a high content of vitamins of group B and C.

As you can see, there is a cure for canine distemper, but it is one that depends on the resistance of your dog before it spreads. Therefore, it is important that you vaccinate him, that he is always in a good mood, that he eats very well, that he drinks plenty of water, and that you are very aware of the symptoms that warn of a possible distemper. Remember that our online veterinarians are there for everything you need.