Can a dog tell if you are sad? Does he know I´m depressed?

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Do dogs feel when we are sick? Why do dogs lick us when we cry? The hairy that shares his life with you is a very empathetic being. He feels love for you, knows when you're sad and can die of sadness. In this article, our ethologist will talk to you about the feelings of your dog and his relationship with your character.

It is not possible to treat canine sensitivity with only a mere article; we invite you to contact our specialists in animal behavior. They explain the behavior of your friend and will be able to explain what he feels. Every dog has its own personality, so that the personal advice they will provide you with is fundamental to know him well.

Does my dog know i'm depressed?

Dogs feel the sadness of their owners when they are down. The hairy are able to interpret our gestures, our face and our behavior. If they see that we are duller than normal, that we don't interact with them or that we are distant because of an illness, they will notice and will want to do everything in their power to resolve the problem.

So much, that various organizations employ the company of dogs and other animals to support terminally ill patients. It is known that stroking the fur of an affectionate hairy gives us comfort and reduces stress. That is why it is important that when we are down we do not neglect our attention toward them, as they also may become depressed.

Can dogs sense depression and anxiety?

There have been several studies that explain this, indeed, so when we cry the doggies tend to come closer to us and to lick us. They don't do it out of curiosity, but because the sound that we do when we drop our tears awakens in them tender and affection behaviors.

Your weeping is the way that they interact with us so affectively. They also shown more receptive so that we pet them, to comfort and establish a contact that is satisfactory to both. Although this may be true, don't pretend a cry to get his attention or you'll be making him get confused. Be honest with your feelings and he will be honest with you too.

Dogs feel the love and sadness of their owners?

The relationship between humans and dogs dates back to prehistory. For their survival, doggies decided to adapt their customs to those of men and women, providing them with their arts in hunting, his company and safeguarding from attackers or predators in exchange for shelter and food. Since then, both species have narrowed to further develop their ties, learning to know one another.

A dog knows if you want him well, can even feel fear if you educate him in a violent manner, and can get very sad if you suddenly forget about him, ignore him in your life or not pamper him as much as you did before. It is therefore very important that you always take into account his feelings and how you treat him if you don't want to tear his heart.

Is it true that a dog can die out of sadness?

This phrase, of course, is an exaggeration, but it has a base of truth. When we are very sad, what happens is that we lower our level of serotonin, that is to say, we produce least amounts of the hormone known as the hormone of happiness. That motivates our body to eat more carbohydrates, what drives us to a sedentary life, to sleep more and end up affecting our immune system.

With the defenses damaged, it is easier to get diseases caused by viruses and opportunistic bacteria that weaken us even more and may be the start of a serious pathology. The same happens with the doggies and with all other living beings.

Can my depression and anxiety affect my dog?

So yes, that is why if you see that your furry shows symptoms of stress or anxiety, languishes, stop eating and sobs, you have to worry about recovering his good humor, and how do you do that? The first thing you have to do is improve his food. Give him first class food, rich and varied.

Establish a schedule of feeding and repeat the same actions, week after week. The routine helps a lot so that the dogs feel safe, because they will be able to anticipate the next thing that is going to happen in their life. In addition to this, pamper and go out with him for a walk a lot. When you're sad, try to wash away your feelings with a professional or with a friend and return to his side with recharged batteries.

We hope that these tips will have served to better understand the feelings of your furry. Remember that you can get an answer to all your concerns without commitment.