Can dogs eat almonds, peanuths, pistachios, or lupins?

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Can dogs eat almonds, pistachios, or lupins? Do they feel bad? Are nuts beneficial for dogs or can they cause allergies? These questions are common in PetLovers, especially in those caregivers to whom a nut or pistachio has caused an allergy. Today we will tell you if they are beneficial for dogs or if they feel bad.

Anyway, with dogs, it happens just like with humans. Although here we say that it is good, bad, or that they can eat just a bit, always watch your dog with any new food you provide for him. If he has skin reactions, discomfort, or diarrhea, it means that he does not tolerate it well. Do not forget that you can ask all your questions to our online veterinarians.

Can dogs eat almonds butter or almond milk?

Before you start with this article, we want to warn you. Whether pistachios, almonds or lupines are bad for him or not, never provide them fried, caramelized, or salted or as butter. A dried fruit is healthy for the human body, but sometimes they come with too much salt.

A fried dried fruit is very caloric and sugar is never beneficial either. If you give him an almond that is in one of these three groups, nothing will happen to him, but it is not good for him in the long run.

Salt can cause crystals, frying can cause obesity, and sugar in excess increases the risk of diabetes. It is also not appropriate for you to give whole nuts. It can have traces of peel that can cause future dental problems, and this is not to be taken for granted. A dental infection can pass into the blood and end up attacking his viscera severely. Knowing this: can a dog eat almonds?

My dog ate one almond

If you give one or two without salt, crushed or very smashed, nothing will happen, but you have to take into account that his digestive tract will not digest it well, so it is possible that he does not feel good either. That is to say, the almond is not toxic for him, like green tomatoes can be, but it does not contribute to anything and can cause diarrhea.

Can dogs eat pistachios or sunflower seeds?

Something similar happens with pistachios. To begin with, do not even think about giving them whole pistachios and much less with the shell. If they are salty or sweetened, do not give them to dogs either, but nothing happens if they are part of a cookie or a treat that you want to give them. What you can never do is to give it in large quantities and, when he finishes eating it, you will have to check his teeth.

Remember that you have to be very aware of the dental hygiene of your dog and have a specific toothbrush for him. This is especially important if you often feed him human food, if his feed is not hard, or if he eats moist recipes. Good dental hygiene will make it possible for him to have a healthy old age. As you can see, neither the pistachios nor the almonds are good treats for him. If you want to give a prize that suits him best, try apples or bananas, but always in small quantities.

Can dogs eat lupins, are bad for him?

Lupins are not a nut, but they are also part of our appetizers. Lupins, also called pear lupin in some places, provide many proteins of plant origin, so we feel very good because they satisfy us, but what about dogs, can they eat lupins?

To answer that, you should know that a dog can only eat about 10% per week of proteins of plant origin or he will have diarrhea.__ Although technically they behave like omnivores__, they are actually carnivores. Some breeds may endure up to 20% of vegetable proteins in their diet, but they are the exception.

Whenever you give him human food, exercise extreme caution

Knowing this, yes, dogs can eat lupins; they like them and they feed them, but you have to monitor their stools a lot after ingesting them, and it can never be in large quantities or his stomach will break down. There are legumes that are usually given to dogs that are guaranteed to work best on his body, such as the chickpeas. So much so, that some manufacturers add it to their feed.

In short, neither the almonds nor the pistachios can be given to your doggie. In the case of the lupins you can, but watching closely how he reacts to them. In addition, lupins can cause gases, so do it under your own responsibility.