Can dogs eat mussels, squid, or prawns?


Jun 4

Posted by Barkibu editors

Are mussels, squid, or prawns beneficial for dogs? Do they go down well or can they harm their digestive system? Mistakenly, it is believed that dogs can only eat meat and gnaw on bones, but that is not so. The furry ones are omnivorous animals and their belly and intestines have evolved to adapt to every type of diet.

Even so, they still have a very delicate digestive system, so we have to be careful with the human food that we serve them. Today we are going to try these three delicious products that can be found very easily on our tables during Christmas. Can dogs try them or are we better to avoid them doing so? Remember that you can solve all your doubts with our online dietitians.

Can dogs eat steamed or pickled mussels?

Dogs can eat mussels, yes, and they also provide many nutrients. Mussels are rich in vitamin C, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, and provide a lot of omega 3. The omega is something like the fuel of the body; it makes everything work well, both their bodily processes and their joints. It helps them to be happy and to enjoy life more.

Anyway, is not recommended to be part of their regular diet, so it is best that you choose other food products if you want to prepare a homemade recipe for them.

However, when we give dogs mussels, as well as other mollusks such as clams or cockles, we must always bear in mind some precautions. In the first place, the shells must never be eaten and the piece must not be raw. They should never eat one that has been found on the beach, because it may be contaminated and we can prevent him to swallow unnecessary bits of the animal.

He can eat the mussel both steamed and canned, but he should never swallow more than two servings a week. As we have told you in the introduction to this article: his digestive system is very fragile, so he should never abuse human food. If you want to feed him well, focus on the quality feed that is prepared for them.

Can dogs eat squid?

Squids are also edible for dogs, but we do not recommend that you give them so much. The problem with squids is that they provide too much cholesterol. This does not mean that they are especially caloric foods; they are still a source of zinc, calcium, and iron, but not in such interesting proportions as the vitamins provided by mussels or chickpea's proteins.

But yes, dogs can eat squids. What you should never do is give them to eat raw. Remove the skin and, above all, the needle that they have inside and that serves as a spine. In the center of its tentacles is its mouth, which is very similar to a parrot's beak; since it is hard he should not swallow it either. As it already provides cholesterol, it is best not to offer it fried, but grilled, boiled or stewed. If it has to be fried, make it so that it is not prepared with bad oil and that he does not eat too much throughout the week.

Can dogs eat prawns?

Nothing will happen to your dog if he eats a shrimp found on the ground, however, as it happens with the rest of the seafood: it is not recommended for him. It has too much protein and cholesterol. Shellfish is not like a can of tuna or white fish, which indeed suits him.

That is to say, if on Christmas night a shrimp falls to the ground and he eats it, do not worry. What you have to pay attention to is that he does not eat its head or skin, as it could cause him some small injury. In case you discover that after eating it he vomits or have diarrhea, keep him fasting for the rest of the day until his stomach stabilizes.

To help him recover his digestive health, let him have plenty of water at his reach and feed him back little by little. Probiotics can accelerate his improvement but you should always check with your trusted veterinarian first.

Can dogs eat shellfish?

As we have told you, shellfish is not lethal to them; they can eat it but it is not recommended as part of their diet. It does not hurt them as grapes or chocolate do, but it could cause some small diarrhea.