Can dogs eat rice, chicken or potatoes? Can I feed my dog rice everyday?

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There are three elements in our daily diet that are very common. Rice, chicken or potatoes are present in our everyday life, almost on a daily basis. They provide us with carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is common that we find our doggies staring at us with their enormous eyes every time we serve a plate of rice with chicken breast or a stew of potatoes, the aroma intoxicates them.

The question is: Is it good to give them a little bit of chicken or potatoes? And what about rice? Wouldn't they become constipated? We're going to talk about all those questions today, but remember, you can make us all your questions without commitment. Our online canine dieticians will be pleased to solve all your doubts.

Can dogs eat chicken or chicken bones?

Chicken is a lean meat rich in proteins. Like the turkey, it has great content in water, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Dogs can eat chicken, but you have to be careful at the time to serve them. First, you have to be careful with their bones.

One of the greatest dangers we face when they eat food for humans is that they swallow some elements that could produce harm in the stomach. A bone with a sharp tip could cause small bleeding in the stomach or intestine, which could produce blood in his feces and force you to take him to the vet.

We have another problem with the chicken skin and its fat. Although there are not going to be harm, it is best to minimize as much as possible all the cholesterol that we give him to eat, especially if they are older dogs or tend to have a sedentary lifestyle. Keep this in mind whenever you decide to give human food to your dog.

Can dogs eat raw chicken?

The best way for your dog to eat chicken is to boil it and then season it, which will facilitate the digestion. If your doggie caught a cold, the aromas that come out of the piece of boiled chicken will help him to open his appetite. The problem with the flu is that it overloads the muzzle with mucus and that will prevent him from smelling and, without the sense of smell, they won't feel like eating.

Your doggie will be able to eat raw chicken and also fried chicken, but the first one will cost him more time to chew and digest it. With the second type, you will be giving him unnecessary fat. Of course, nothing happens if he eats a little bit of chicken each time, but if you give it to him a lot, the best thing is that this chicken is served boiled. Combining it with chickpeas, you'll be helping his stools to not be so liquid.

Can dogs can eat rice

Rice is a very healthy and rich food, for both humans and dogs. It appears as a complement to some dog feeding and it is also recommended in some home remedies for diarrhea. It is a tasty cereal and that serves as a heat provider so that if the dog is with a flue, it helps to increase his appetite, but it is not a good idea to abuse of this.

All human food that will be served to your dog, although is loaded with nutrients and proteins, so they have to be served in very controlled amounts. If you don't do this, it can induce vomiting, constipation and gastric irritation. To know the proper amount of rice or chicken that is good for your doggie, we recommend you to ask our online canine dieticians. Based on his race, weight and age, they will recommend the exact quantities and a couple of rich recipes for him.

Can dogs eat potatoes?

With this particular element here, we have to be careful. Dogs can eat potatoes, it is a tuber with vitamins, carbohydrates and nutrients in exchange for a very little load of calories intake, but they cannot be eaten in any way. As we have mentioned for chicken and that also applies to rice, never give raw food to a doggie, not even a potato.

As it is the case with green tomatoes, potatoes that are not ripe, without cooking and even its leaves, could harm the body. We, therefore, should always boil them before a dog eats them.

Waiting, of course, for it to not be so hot. It is also not recommended that you allow him to eat french fries, because they have too many calories for him. In addition, french fries tend to have lots of salt, and this is detrimental to him because it can cause crystals.

In summary, a dog can eat potatoes, rice and chicken; and more, when you contact our online dieticians in search of natural recipes for your friend, you'll see that they appear in many of them. A few dishes of homemade food will lift the mood and will serve to complement the dog's nutrition.

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