Can white dog shaker syndrome be cured? Diagnosis and treatment

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The tremors in dogs are not always symptoms of the shaker syndrome, sometimes they are just cold or are feeling hypothermia, they are in pain from a blow, or they feel anxiety. In this article, we will tell you what the white dog shaker syndrome is and when you have to worry about it.

Generally, we want to recommend that, whenever you see your dog shaking, do not wait any longer and consult a veterinarian. Our online specialists will give you tips on what may be happening to him and will show you trained veterinarians in your city. Although the shaking is never a symptom of a serious illness, they must be taken seriously.

Dog with diarrhea and trembling

Diarrhea and trembling are unfortunately common in dogs because of bad diet or intoxication, both involuntary and provoked. Many heartless people put poison in the streets so that dogs eat and lick it and die; being diarrhea and trembling symptoms that they manifest.

Continued diarrhea alone is already something to worry about. Strong diarrhea that lasts all day could dehydrate him, which would have fatal consequences on him. If, for example, he gets intoxicated by eating a lot of dark chocolate, this will be the consequence. If your dog has been intoxicated, rush off to the emergency vet.

My dog is trembling and vomiting

Instead of having diarrhea, he may have vomiting and trembling; or what is worse: diarrhea, vomiting, and trembling. The situation is similar. However, a furry does not always tremble, vomit, or poops abundantly due to intoxication. If he has a strong infection and pain, it could degenerate in this situation depending on the reason why it has occurred.

An infection cannot be treated with home remedies. You need to use antibiotics specially prescribed for your dog. Many unsuspecting PetLovers give their friends human antibiotics, severely damaging their digestive system. Never give medicines to the dogs, even if you read in an internet forum that you can do so. You can’t.

My dog trembles a lot and cannot walk

In addition to fever, intoxication, pain, or infection, a dog may also tremble from cold. Hypothermia in dogs is no joke. Dogs have fur and hair prepared to withstand the temperatures and climate of their place of origin, but not those of other places. Humans have made the mistake of treating dogs like toys. Pet stores sell animals not prepared for the cold at places where it is cold, and they suffer.

It is important that, whenever you adopt a dog, you also get interested about his temperature needs; also in case you need specific warm clothes for him, but do not abuse it or it will be too hot. A case of hypothermia also has to be treated by the veterinarian.

Generalized muscle trembling in dogs

If he does not have hypothermia, he is not suffering from an infectious disease, he is not intoxicated or has no pain, he may be suffering from a nervous disease or shaker syndrome, also called white hair syndrome in dogs. This disease is called so because it has been seen more often in dogs with this hair color than in others, but that does not mean that others are immune to it.

White dog shaker syndrome does not have a known cause that can be treated and stopped. That is why it is essential to carry out a complete check of his history, his state of health, and each of his organs. Little by little, in a thorough way, and via a thorough analysis, you can determine that it is the shaker syndrome and start to treat it.

Anyway, the prognosis is reserved. It is not an easy disease to cure because it is a problem of the cerebellum. Some dogs react very well and improve, but others do not. The trembling that they suffer has no explanation; they happen in his whole body and require hospital care.

Trembling in dogs, what to do

We know that this article is not very promising, because the truth is that, whenever you see trembling in a dog, it is a bad sign. What you have to do is what we told you at the beginning of this article: if you detect trembling in your dog, do not even think about it. Ask our online veterinarians and find out what to do. Time is precious, so do not waste it.